the…search for an apartment

started yesterday. I went to Metropolitan Hotel with a taxi and apparently I was overcharged but it didn’t feel so bad since the cold store guy told me it would cost about 20-25 thousand lire to go there and this guy charged me 15. Ripped of but still happy. A female estate agent picked me up by the hotel and off we went…into terror…cars everywhere, winding roads up, cars, honking, mopeds, scooters, crowded streets…me no like.. That was Hasmieh so now I can tick Hasmieh off my list..simply because it’s too busy for me. Noisy, busy and crowded.
Horsh Tabet was pretty much the same and the agent showed me an apartment that was too bloody expensive in my opinion. It felt like being on stage when you went out on the balcony because you had about four other buildings and their balconies just across the street…no privacy at all.
Not a very fruitful day in other words. Felt like I would take any apartment as long as I don’t have to drive anywhere. I really hate being stuck in traffic.

Today was a better day where I went to a place close to Mansourieh. It was quite and sooo peaceful up there. I loved the place.

Apart from the apartment hunt I have some thing on my mind such as…why does it seem like I am one of the most covered people in Hamra? Even some hijabis wear more revealing clothes. Here I am sweating in jeans and longsleeved while women of all ages and I mean of all ages are wearing short dresses, little tank tops and cute skirts. I really need to chill and drop the khaleeji feeling. In Bahrain you would be stared at if you showed your shoulders in day light…arms wasn’t really an issue but shoulders it seems.

Aah I’m tired. I will write more later and post some pictures.


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