Biting my tongue

I seriously don’t find the inspiration to write in Swedish since my mind is always busy with the English language. Writing in Swedish is pure joy when my mind is in that mood but otherwise all my thoughts are in English. This stops me from posting since I keep thinking naaa then I need to translate whatever I am thinking so now khallas…I will write in whatever language my mood is in.

Quite honestly I am not getting anywhere in regards to the packing. The days are just passing by and I don’t manage to do anything useful really.

Went to buy some fabric for a dress today and ended up confused as to what kind of a dress I want. When I was in the shop that sells fabric the kind Indian man who was helping me grabbed a roll of fabric and I had a slight heart attack when I saw a huge mo-fo cockroach there. Needless to say, I didn’t buy anything off that roll. They laughed at me in the shop as I stood there all stiff repeating…Kill it! Please, can’t you kill it! The Indian guy just smiled and pretended like nothing and I kept thinking uuh it will come running up my legs!

I would say I have about 12 days left in this country. I won’t miss the country but I will miss my sweet, loving man and some friends.


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